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Top & Chatter Tool Kit

With Samples and Turning Blanks

    Items Included in the Kit  Retail Price if purchased separately

    Chatter Tool Handle & Collet Assembly

    4 - Blades: Curved, "V", Straight, Beading


    Chatter Tool DVD - Complete Course


    Tops DVD - 4 Kinds of Spinning Tops


    3 Sample Chatter Work Tops as Study Models - Individually priced at $7.50 each


    3 Top Blanks with Dowels already Glued in place Ready-to-turn - Individually priced at $3.00 each

    Total Cost if Purchased Individually $117.35
    Package Price $79.95 USA & Canada + $8.99 S&H - I will ship Priority in the USA and International Package rate to all other countries. This is nearly a two pound package so shipping is more expensive.

    Slightly higher price in Europe and Australia due to additional shipping costs.

    Country for Delivery
You Save

$37.40 or



Here is what it will look like. Tops will be my choice and are random. They will be representative samples of the ones I make and sell all over the United States. I will include three Top Blanks ready to turn into a top. The blank disks are beech, but the stems will vary, oak, maple, walnut, etc. You can keep them as study models or actually make tops with them.