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Texturizing Knurl Tool

Take texturizing your spinning tops, holiday ornaments, and even boxes to a whole new level with this easy to use Texturizing Knurling Tool. The possibilities are endless with this easy to use tool. Primarily used on flat and rounded surfaces, the tool will not work on concave surfaces. Available in two sizes and two TPIs for different accents and project sizes. 1/4" texturing tool is great for small projects, while the 3/8" texturing tool is recommended for larger pieces.

For adding texture to bowl rims and bottoms where a narrow band is preferred, use the 1/4" x 16 TPI for smaller diameter bowls or boxes and for harder woods. For larger projects and softer woods move up to the 12 TPI.

For covering lots of area in softer woods like acorn lidded boxes in walnut, use the 3/8" x 12 TPI. For very hard wood like hard maple or lignum vitae, use the 16 TPI for better results.


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Available in 1/4" and 3/8" width. Both sizes are available in either 12 TPI or 16 TPI.

I made these spin tops at the 2013 AAW symposium in Tampa, Fl to demonstrate the Rotary Texturing tool (bottom three) and the Texturizing Knurl Tool (top three).

Very different effects can be achieved by moving the tool rest up or down about 1/4" from the centerline. Below will swirl counter clockwise. Above will swirl clockwise.

A very good example of stand-up acorn lidded boxes with tops texturized using the 3/8" x 12 TPI tool.

More Examples. Note the Acorn in the lower left corner. It is Lignum Vitae which is very hard. A better result would have been achieved with the 3/8" x 16 TPI Texturizing tool not available at the time it was made.

3/8" X 12TPI

Most Popular for Acorns

USA & Canada


Email me for International Shipping

3/8" X 16 TPI

Most popular for very hard woods

1/4" X 16" TPI

Most popular for bowl rims and bottom in very hard woods

1/4" X 12 TPI

Most popular for Narrow spaces in softer wood.

Buy three get the fourth one free!


Get all four flavors for the price of three and Flat Fee shipping of $5.99 anywhere within the USA and Canada.


1/4" X 12 TPI TOOL

1/4" X 16 TPI TOOL

3/8" X 12 TPI TOOL

3/8" X 16 TPI TOOL

Retail Value $119.96  Save 25%



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