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Texturing Tool Kit & DVD

Get all three texturing tools featured in Ron's Texturing How-To DVD

Rotary Texturing Tool Package (3 Burr Cutters)

Texturizing Tool (Knurling Type Tool)

Chatter Tool (4 Profiled Blades)

How-To Texturing DVD 1 hr 17 min

Chatter Tool Methods DVD 45 min

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Get All Three

& How-To DVD "Texturing For Turners Made Easy" DVD


Chatter Tool Methods How-To DVD

Value if purchased individually



Combo Deal Includes the following items:

1) Rotary Texturing Tool Kit

(Includes three burr cutters)

2) Texturizing Tool

Choose Wide Wheel or Narrow Wheel

3) Chatter Tool Kit

(Includes 4 Blades and its own DVD)

4) DVD - Texturing For Turners

5) DVD - Chatter Tool Methods

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Type of Knurling Tool


Rotary Texturing Tool Kit Only

(Includes three burr cutters)



Texturizing Tool Only

Choose Wide Wheel or Narrow Wheel



Chatter Tool Kit Only

(Includes 4 Blades & its own How-To DVD)