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Rotary Texturing Tool Kit

Includes 3 cutters, Brush &

Ball Bearing Collet with Handle

In Handy See-Through Storage Tube


Use on Side Grain Like Bowl Bottoms and Bowl Rims! Not JUST for end grain.

The Rotary Texturing Tool is a unique tool that allows you to add beautiful and extraordinary decoration quickly and easily to a wide variety of turned projects in wood, acrylic, antler and more similar to a chatter tool but can be used on side grain very effectively. Three different shaped cutters running in ball bearings are included allowing you to decorate flat surfaces (end grain and side grain) as well as beads and coves in a matter of seconds. Best used around 800 rpm for smaller diameter projects and bowl bottoms, 1200 rpm for pens and 300 to 500 for larger diameter bowl and platter rims. There are two main methods employed when using any of the three supplied cutters: Flat surface or decorating in a shallow cove. Use to add textured decoration to bowls, plates, platters, spin tops, lidded boxes, stoppers, etc. in any grain orientation.

All Three Cutters are Included with Kit.

Introductory Price Only $59.99 + $2.99 S/H

USA and Canada

All Other Countries

$69.99 + $2.99 S/H

Country for Delivery


We are the only company including all three profiles of cutters with your kit. Others charge as much as $20 for each additional cutter. The way I see it, Ron Brown's Best Rotary Texturing Tool Kit saves you around $50!

Three Texturing Tool Package

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