Ron Brown's Best Gouge Setup Blocks

It Only Takes Two

Two Ron Brown's Best Gouge Setup Blocks

will set the correct arm angle for sharpening 4 HSS wood turning gouges.






The Setup Blocks shown in black are included with my ProGrind Sharpening System. They are not available separately. The yellow Setup Blocks work exactly the same as the black ones but are available individually. The yellow ones have been modified to work with the OneWay Wolverine Varigrind #1 gouge grinding fixture used for bowl and spindle gouge sharpening. The yellow Setup Blocks are milled from HDPE and are extremely durable.

Settings for the Yellow HDPE Setup Blocks

Block #1 - Side #1

Bowl Gouge

Bottom Feeder Grind (very short and steep for cleaning up inside bowl bottoms)

Leg Angle 4th notch or 40 deg

Block #1 Side #2

Bowl Gouge

Ellsworth Type Grind (Long Swept Back-Great for green wood)

Leg Angle 5th notch or 45 deg

Block #2 Side #1

Bowl Gouge

Standard Grind (Normal - Can be used everywhere, but best for dry wood and twice turned bowl blanks)

Leg Angle 2 notch or 23 deg

Block #2 Side #2

Spindle Gouge

Fingernail Grind (Excellent for detail spindle turning)

Leg Angle 2nd notch or 23 deg

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