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Chatter Tool Methods

A Complete Course On DVD

With Ron Brown

Only $19.95 + $2.95 S/H

Note: The "Top Chisel" with my special grind (shown in the video) will be

available for sale in Jan. 2013. I'll list it here.

Where can I get the chatter tool you demonstrate?


A Chatter Tool is a scraper with a thin blade which when held against spinning end grain vibrates, or chatters, rapidly sculpting a wide variety of textured patterns. Such patterns enhance the appearance of items and are used to further decorate turned lidded boxes, spinning tops and bottle stoppers among others. The average cut takes less than three seconds. Most folks who see an object with chatter work decoration perceive it as intricately hand carved, something which must have taken many hours and a very steady hand.



Turned Lidded Boxes with Beautiful Chatter Work Lids

Colorful Textured Spinning Tops Decorated with Permanent Markers

Unique Bottle Stoppers With Chatter Work Features

And "Bonnie Klein Style" Chatter Work Tops


See four different blade shapes demonstrated and understand the different patterns each one can make:

  1. Domed or Convex
  1. Concave/Doughnut
  1. Straight
  1. “V”



  • Learn how lathe RPM affects the pattern
  • Learn the SWIPE method
  • Learn to use different blades on the same surface
  • Learn to set the proper tool post height
  • Learn how to soften a coarse pattern
  • Learn how to use only the HEART of the pattern for an elegant center feature
  • Learn to make textured doughnuts (no baking required!)
  • Learn to use the straight blade to make spokes
  • Learn how to add beautiful decoration in less than a minute including setup time.
  • You need this DVD especially if you have made your own chatter tool. I will show you how to make it do things you didn’t think were possible!


These methods and techniques are presented by a touring professional wood turner, Ron Brown.  He is the most famous turner you never heard of!

Ron regularly demonstrates these easy to learn techniques while on tour with The Woodworking Shows all across America and at local turning symposiums and even into Canada. Look up Ron’s show schedule at www.thewoodworkingshows.com

This DVD is the seventh in his turning series “I Have a Lathe. Now What? Learn to Turn – With Ron Brown”


There are a limited number of retail outlets carrying the specific chatter tool featured in this DVD. For information on where to get your chatter tool, drop me an email. If you have a business and would like to carry this tool, please let me know.

Only $19.95 + $2.95 S/H 

To find Ron on YouTube, search “Coolhammerman”

To find Ron elsewhere, search “Coolhammerman”


Money Back Guarantee

I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. When you get your How-To DVD's, if you feel that I have not truthfully represented the information presented on each DVD, I will happily refund your money. Just return all materials intact and ask for your refund. If your DVD will not play (that happens sometimes despite great quality control) I will send you a replacement immediately. I don't need the old one back in that case. No one has ever asked for their money back.

I am not some giant corporation trying to sell you something I know nothing about. I am a craftsman just like you trying to share really rewarding discoveries. I cannot guarantee your individual success nor can I guarantee that you will be able to turn items I have described and shown you how to make. Everyone has different skills and abilities. Some of you learn faster, some slower. I also cannot guarantee your success for the same reasons. What I am guaranteeing is that the material represented above accurately describes my personal experiences, including the many students I have personally taught to do the same thing. If you did nothing other than make these items for yourself and for your family and friends, it would be a great investment; cheap at twice the price!

With my Money Back Guarantee, You can't lose!

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Attention Military with APO Addresses

I am willing and able to ship to APO addresses. If you are military or want your order sent directly to a soldier with an APO address, please let me know and I will use "Priority Shipping" for $4.95 and I will hand deliver the package to the Post Office for you. Thanks to all of you for your service. I realize most GI's don't have wood lathes on the battle field, but this information is entertaining and will give soldiers information they can use when they do return home.

Only $19.95 + $2.95 S/H


Home I Have A Lathe Christmas Ornaments Turned Boxes DVD KeyChain Font DVD Chatter Tool Project Sampler Segmented Vase DVD Kitchen Utensils Cool Hammers DVD Tops DVD Bottle Stopper DVD Tops Kit Acorns Gone Wild!