Do you remember?

Do you remember what it was like the first time you saw a beautifully turned vase, or bowl, or Christmas Ornament, or …? Can you recall your wonder at the level of skill that maker must possess and at the untold years of practice they must have had to be able to make something that spectacular? It must have taken them forever to produce something that wonderful and awe inspiring.

As we become more skilled ourselves, it is easy to forget that working with wood and other materials can produce items which astound and amaze so many folks who may not be involved in our craft. I see it every weekend all across our wonderful nation as I tend to casually display samples of my own work. After so many years and so very much time in front of the lathe most projects present only a mental challenge, not a physical one. My struggle is getting what I see in my mind’s eye to appear at the lathe. My latest project with the Laser Cut Christmas Ornament Kits has resulted in about a dozen samples of what can be produced with various kits. They include Cindy Drozda style ebony finials which seem to always astound our visitors. Although they took some effort, nowadays they present little challenge including the CA finish I use.

I have also discovered methods to enhance seemingly simple spinning tops which set them miles apart from most others I see yet take only 5 minutes, or so to produce. The varieties are endless, but the effect is always the same. As I use these techniques literally hundreds of times each weekend during the show season, they continue to draw gasps and applause no matter where I am. Others will learn these methods as well and they will bring the same joy and wonderment to their audiences.

It is easy to forget the many gifts we have been given to be able to bring spectacularly beautiful hand-made objects de’ art into existence. What a wonderful blessing to be able to give presents to our loved ones which they will treasure for perhaps generations. When we see others not as far along in their journey as we are, it is easy to view them as less valuable, less skilled, not as worthy. I would like to suggest that the better view is that of an elder brother or sister who understands the joys which still lie ahead for them. And that we rejoice with them as they learn the next steps just as the toddler who has learned to walk, but does not yet understand the joy of running full out along the sandy beach with the stimulating smell of salt air at sunrise on a cool summer morning. Rather than look down, how about presenting a hand up to that next great step, a step which you have already taken.

If we are given an opportunity to share in their joy, do that; share in their accomplishments, praise their victories, help smooth their bumps along the way. I can guarantee that someone did that for you too. Our craft is not a zero sum exercise; if someone else makes something beautiful, it doesn’t detract from something else beautiful. There is room for us all at the top of this very large mountain.

Here is my inspiration for today’s message:

Phil 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

Prov 27:21 ​The crucible is for silver, and the furnace is for gold, and a man is tested by his praise.



Limited Quantities Now Available!

Universal Setting Jig & Quad Setting Jig


I had to temporarily remove a very popular category of products from the the web site due to very limited inventory and a very busy travel schedule. I have had so many requests for them that I have borrowed a limited quantity from my show inventory and have reposted them for immediate delivery here.

Laser Cut Kits will be available on the web site on or about April 15th, 2016 after the woodworking show season is finished.

Special Sharpening Setup Jig Sale


  1. Universal Setting Jig for use with all popular sharpening systems (For Both Spindle Gouges & Bowl Gouges) $29.99 Works with both 6" and 8" systems.

    Unsolicited Tool Review from Sam Angelo – View Video Here


  2. Quad Setting Jig for use with all popular sharpening systems (Platform - 8 Inch Wheels Only) $19.99
  3. Precision Sharpening System for Lathe Tools $99


Sharp tools are more fun, sharp tools are safer, sharp tools produce better results. If you are struggling to sharpen your tools or if it just seems to take too long to properly set up your sharpening jig, let a touring professional wood turner show you how he does it. A dull tool requires you to push much harder to make a cut resulting in a poor quality finish which requires extra sanding. You will often slip when exerting extra pressure and can even totally ruin your work. One of the best kept secrets of the Pros is that their tools are always sharp, usually sharper than the average turner can achieve. And they are able to resharpen their tools with amazing speed and accuracy.

Individual Details Below

Universal Setting Jig For

Lathe Tool Sharpening

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, you could pick up any HSS lathe gouge you own and reproduce that grind exactly every time?  Well now you can and it is easy with the Universal Setting Jig for Lathe Tool Sharpening from Ron Brown’s Best. The universal setting jig does it all.  You can reproduce any grind you currently have and love and want to keep. This Jig will also allow you to take a brand-new tool and use the universal setting jig to begin with the nose angle of your choice; 35°, 40°, 45°, and 50° or anything in between.


Watch the Video Here

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Introducing - Quad-Setting-Jig For Wood Lathe Tools

(Calibrated for grinders with 8" wheels only!)


Thank you for your overwhelming support of my new Universal Setting Jig for use in sharpening your spindle and bowl gouges which I introduced earlier in the week. I am thrilled at the response. Details below in case you missed it.


Many of you asked about the other side of the grinder, the platform. You wanted to know if I had something which would enable the same kind of accuracy in sharpening the “4 Other Tools”. So, I came up with a jig to use to correctly set the proper grinding angles for Roughing Gouges, Parting Tools, Skews & Bowl Scrapers. I’ve named it the “Quad Setting Jig”, since one jig sets the correct angels for all 4 of the other HSS woodturning lathe tools. It is also available for immediate shipment.


Using the Quad Setting Jig is simple and easy. Locate the name of the tool you wish to sharpen on the jig. Loosen the platform and move it away from the grinding wheel far enough to adjust. Place the flat part of the jig on the platform table. Adjust the table and the arm until both points are in contact with the wheel. Tighten the table and the arm. Sharpen accurately and repeatably every time.

More info Here.

Precision Sharpening System

Sale $99



Precision Sharpening System for Lathe Tools With Free How-To DVD Three reasons you need a jig to properly sharpen your HSS lathe tools: MUCH FASTER – TOOLS LAST LONGER – MORE CONSISTENT 1) IT IS MUCH FASTER - you can sharpen any bowl gouge in less than one minute. Spindle gouges with a fingernail grind can be sharpened in less than one minute. 2) TOOLS LAST LONGER SO YOU SAVE MONEY - The minimum amount of material is removed each time you sharpen your lathe chisels using a precision sharpening system. You generally only need one or two passes to return your lathe tools back to extreme sharpness when using a jig. Freehand sharpening may require as many as six or eight passes and usually results in a less desirable multifaceted cutting edge. 3) A SHARPENING JIG IS MUCH MORE CONSISTENT - when sharpening freehand, it is very easy to change the cutting angles on the edge of your tools, especially over time. Think of the distortion you get when making a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, etc.

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In case you didn't already know, I have posted tons of "Free Download" stuff on my web site.

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Including Bottle Stopper Designs - 50 Plus classic designs. Free PDF







The Amazing Flat Compass

Here is a new twist on a centuries-old drawing instrument used daily throughout the world.  Most compasses and dividers are used in the vertical position.  The amazing flat compass is designed to be used in a horizontal position resting on the work piece during use.


The multi-point drawing tip was designed to be used with a wide variety of writing instruments from pencils and ballpoint pens to the largest sharpie.  Bowl Turner’s will find the amazing flat compass particularly useful as they routinely struggle to lay out bowl blanks.  Traditional pencils do not write very well, if at all, on wet rough surfaces.  Sharpies excel in this application.


Traditional flat workers will enjoy the compact structure of the amazing flat compass and its tremendous range as they design varies components from circles and arcs to bisecting lines.  The amazing flat compass is not designed to completely replace the traditional two legged small compass we all have in our drawing instrument drawers.  Most woodworkers will find that the amazing flat compass excels when working with larger circles and arcs up to 24 inches in diameter.


The pivot point is custom manufactured from 100% stainless steel and is built to be rugged and durable.  As all stainless steel is rust and corrosion resistant the amazing flat compass is designed to give many years of service.  Measuring only 8” long by 2-1/2” wide and around  2” tall, the amazing flat compass is capable of drawing circles up to 24 inches in diameter and as small as around 3 inches.  


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In case you didn't already know, I have posted tons of "Free Download" stuff on my web site.

"Free Downloads HERE"

Including Bottle Stopper Designs - 50 Plus classic designs. Free PDF