Turning Because It Is Fun

Woodworking in general is fun, functional, relaxing and can be profitable. Wood turning is the fastest growing segment of woodworking. With a society intently focused on tech gadgets, computers, smart phones, tablets, etc. we have a huge vacuum in the tactile arena. Our young people today tend not to grow up making things with their hands, but rather designing them on a computer using nothing more than their fingertips.

At the woodworking show in West Springfield, Massachusetts this past week, I heard the same comments I always hear wherever I go, ďI havenít turned since high school and Iíve always wanted to get back to turning. I enjoyed it so much.Ē We turn wood because it is just flat fun to do. And when you are finished, you have something unique that you created with your own hands either as a gift or as an item to be treasured by someone else for purchase often for many years.

The number one category of lathe turned item is pens. Right behind it is kitchenware, bowls, plates, platters, spoons and spatulas, salt and pepper mills and shakers right down to rolling pins. Who doesnít enjoy receiving a handmade item they can use and enjoy every day? I try to never be without a writing instrument made by some member of my family. My son Chris has become expert at casting mixed media turning blanks from pen blanks and bottle stopper blanks to bowl and vase blanks. I take pride in each and every one he creates. They are fun.

I would encourage you to keep it simple, easy and entertaining for anyone you are introducing to the craft of turning wood. If they decide to go deeper into the craft later, then they can tackle the challenging stuff. For now, keep it on the fun side. Great fun projects include pens, spinning tops, bottle stoppers, turned lidded boxes, acorns, seam rippers, pepper mills along with salt and pepper shakers, miniature bird houses, small vases, weed pots, pendants, turned ear rings, bangles, baby rattles, spoons and spatulas, plates platters and bowls. Remember this stuff grows on trees!

We are in Columbus, Ohio this week and arrived without incident Iím glad to report. We look forward to seeing our friends once again and to showing you all of the new gadgets and items we brought for this time around because wherever you go, there you are. Due to some technical glitch I canít seem to resolve, I am not able to retrieve my voice messages from the office phone. I am getting my emails so that is the best way to contact me. I apologize for any inconvenience with the phone messages.

My inspiration this week is partly scripture and partly song.

Ecc 3

1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: Turn, turn, turn.


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If you are able to visit us at the Woodworking Show, we have added approximately 100 new turning items in our booth this year. I have finished samples of the Laser Cut Kits, etc. I have samples of Edge Lit Signs I will be adding to the line in May 2016

Show Sweepstakes

I would like to announce that this year for the first time, Ron Brownís Best, LLC will have a monthly sweepstakes drawing specifically for visitors at the various shows. You will have to enter at the show in our booth. Ask Sweet Janice for an entry form. First Prize is a $250 Gift Certificate for anything on our web site (we will have over 50 new items by the end of the show season). Second Prize is a $100 Gift Certificate for anything on our web site. Third Prize is a $50 Gift Certificate for anything on our web site. You need not be present to win. We will have different drawings for January, February, March and April. We will announce the winners on the web site and in one of the following newsletters.


As always there are tons of free stuff in the FreeDownloads section. Wishing you a Happy, Prosperous and Blessed New Year,


Ron, Janice & Chris Brown


  We will be leaving our Internet business in capable hands as we hit the road for 13 weeks beginning January 8th in Baltimore Maryland.  Here is a link to The Woodworking Shows schedule www.thewoodworkingshows.com

Show Change Announcement

The Detroit, MI show has been replaced with Chantilly, VA.


Feb 5-7, 2016

You may have noticed that some items have disappeared from www.ronbrownsbest.com, in the last week or so. I hate to admit it, but we cannot keep up with the demand for certain items and since it is the show season, we had to remove them temporarily. We will re-list those items and many more when we can fill your orders in a timely manner.

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