Attitude Adjustment

This week I got home from another Woodturning symposium where I was a vendor/demonstrator.  One of the local woodworking stores hosted two very famous Turners, each on different days for all-day hands on turning sessions the next week.  I would like to offer a suggestion which applies to all of us.


As our skill levels increase we become more confident even to the point of being convinced that we have discovered ďthe one right wayĒ.  No ó you havenít.  When you are given the opportunity to watch someone else demonstrate a particular turning technique adjust your own attitude and remind yourself that it is possible, after all, that other people may know something you donít.  Someone else might have discovered another way to do it, it may be almost as good as your way, it may be as good as your way, or it may be better than the way you do it, but if your mind is closed youíll never know.


As you may be aware I turn a lot, usually with a pretty high degree of success and often before good-sized crowds.  I personally struggle to not silently criticize other peopleís methods and techniques when Iím watching someone elseís presentation.  When I manage to keep an open mind, and these days I make a concerted effort to do just that, I often learn things I wasnít expecting.  These days I approach every situation with the idea that if I keep an open mind thereís a good chance Iíll pick up something that will help me.  It could be a method, technique, or approach that I didnít know about or had never thought of.  I find it all too easy to cop a superior attitude, after all look at me Iím a professional.  By adding a bit of humility and keeping an open mind I find I get a lot more out of each encounter, because wherever you go, there you are.


Here is my inspiration for this message:

Proverbs 23:12 NIV - Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge.


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