The Best Time of Year to Turn Wood

Everyone has their favorite time of year, for the vast majority of woodturners that season has finally begun.  Woodturning is a hobby for the vast majority of woodturners.  Very few Turners I know are in it for the money and those who are usually earn just enough to buy an occasional extra tool or luxury accessory. So why do we do it? There is no greater joy than giving to others and turning wood is all about creating something beautiful out of close to nothing. We often know from the beginning that we will give them as a gift for someone we care about.  For very little, or no out of pocket cost wood turners have the ability to bring joy, happiness and wonderment into the lives of those we love and care about through our creations at the lathe.


I have not been successful in everything I’ve tried in life and there have been periods were a dollar was pretty hard to come by.  One of those dry seasons occurred many years ago as the holiday season was quickly approaching and it changed my life.  Faced with very little cash resources to purchase Christmas presents, and having a pretty large close knit family I knew it was time to get creative.  I knew they would still love me regardless of any present they might receive, but I still felt the pressure.  I came across a book entitled “Turned Boxes 50 Designs” by Chris Stott.  This was just what I needed!  I looked through my shop and found small bits of wood large enough to turn all manner of small boxes.  This Christmas season my family would be receiving small ring boxes, trinket boxes and other handmade gifts straight from the workshop made with love from dad/grandpa/uncle Ron.


As the leaves begin to turn signaling that inevitable seasonal change, folks are getting ready for fall. In the North folks put their fishing boats away for the winter.  In the Southwest it won’t be long before triple digit temperatures are memory (except in Phoenix where it’s always hot).  And so it goes throughout our great land regardless of where you live.  For those of us who have been blessed to learn the ancient craft of turning wood, it is a time to help expose the beauty built into some of those greatest creations called trees.  This is the best time of year to turn wood because of the tremendous opportunities to give to others.  I am always amazed by the look in someone’s eyes when they first see something I have made with my own hands.


This is also the time of year when we are reminded of the gifts we have received.  We set aside a time of Thanksgiving for our families, our husbands and wives, and for this great land we call the United States of America.  And, yes, for the greatest gift of all the gift of eternal life if we choose to accept it.  I thank God that we live in a country where we are still free to share our faith openly and gather with other like-minded individuals.  This year as we enter into this season of gift giving I pray that you would receive that special joy that only comes from giving to others. Because, wherever you go, there you are.


Here are my inspirations for this week’s message:

Romans 6:23 KJV For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.


A very popular theme on Facebook lately is this: Prov. 14:34 NIV Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.  “If we want God to bless America, stop legalizing sin.”



Woodworking Show Update:

There will not be a fall Woodworking Show Season for 2015. Those shows will begin in January, 2016 and have 13 shows scheduled. The 2016 season will go into April. The schedule is now up at www.thewoodworkingshows.com Sweet Janice and I hope to see you at one of these events in 2016.


Time to Make The Christmas Gifts

Start Now, or it will get away from you.


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For those of you in the Southeast, don’t forget about Turning Southern Style XXI September 18-20, 2015. I will be there as a vendor for sure, but I have also been asked to do a rotation on Fancy Christmas Ornaments and Fancy Finials.



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I have no illusions that I have cornered the market on all of the clever ideas for woodturners, or just in general for that matter. I am inviting you to drop me a note with a simple question: "Why doesn't someone invent something that will . . . ? Then tell me what you wish someone would invent.

I make no promises of compensation of any kind. You will simply be asking the question. I do plan to offer a prize of your choice of any 3 DVD's on my web site each quarter for the best question submitted. However, it will be in my sole discretion if any of the ideas are worth a reward. I may elect not to offer any prize at all. If your question leads to an idea which ultimately makes me millions of dollars, you have my undying gratitude, but no compensation, in my sole discretion. Having said that, what is your question?


Ron Brown




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