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Many of life’s important lessons can best be told through a short story. 


A long, long time ago. . . There were two very different young men who became best friends during their freshman year in high school.  One had everything going for him and was ultimately voted “Mr. most likely to succeed”.  The other one seemed ordinary in every way and he was ultimately voted “Mr. Most Average”.  Mr. Success went on to graduate from college and eventually became a branch manager at one of the better known local banks in town, a very stable respectable position.  Mr. Average dropped out of college after the first semester and also seemed to drop out of sight. They quickly lost touch with each other for many years.


10 years later there was a chance meeting between the two one-time best friends.  Much to the astonishment of Mr. Success, Mr. Average had obviously accumulated great wealth judging by his expensive suit, gold and diamond jewelry, authentic Rolex watch and the fact that he arrived in a chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce.


When asked how he did it, Mr. Average responded “I am not really sure. I buy these gadgets for $2 and sell them for $5.  It is amazing how much money you can make with only a 3% markup!”


Much of what I have been able to accomplish in my life wheather in wood turning or in business has occurred because of one simple trait, “tenacity coupled with action”.  I did not know that that the experts said something could not be done a certain way, so I did it. Or, I did not understand in the beginning how difficult my task was actually going to be before it was all over so I just got started doing it and stuck with it to the end. Or, I just simply did not know any better so I succeeded in spite of myself.  I have heard people say on numerous occasions “I can do that.  He is not that good.”  The difference is that one person is actually doing it while the other person is simply talking about doing it. I know there are better writers among my readers, but I’m the one with the newsletter being read by many thousands of people each week. It is really up to you, isn’t it?


Here is my inspiration for today’s message:

New International Version Bible -- James 2:20  You foolish man, do you want evidence that faith without deeds is useless?

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The Amazing Flat Compass

Here is a new twist on a centuries-old drawing instrument used daily throughout the world.  Most compasses and dividers are used in the vertical position.  The amazing flat compass is designed to be used in a horizontal position resting on the work piece during use.


The multi-point drawing tip was designed to be used with a wide variety of writing instruments from pencils and ballpoint pens to the largest sharpie.  Bowl Turner’s will find the amazing flat compass particularly useful as they routinely struggle to lay out bowl blanks.  Traditional pencils do not write very well, if at all, on wet rough surfaces.  Sharpies excel in this application.


Traditional flat workers will enjoy the compact structure of the amazing flat compass and its tremendous range as they design varies components from circles and arcs to bisecting lines.  The amazing flat compass is not designed to completely replace the traditional two legged small compass we all have in our drawing instrument drawers.  Most woodworkers will find that the amazing flat compass excels when working with larger circles and arcs up to 24 inches in diameter.


The pivot point is custom manufactured from 100% stainless steel and is built to be rugged and durable.  As all stainless steel is rust and corrosion resistant the amazing flat compass is designed to give many years of service.  Measuring only 8” long by 2-1/2” wide and around  2” tall, the amazing flat compass is capable of drawing circles up to 24 inches in diameter and as small as around 3 inches.  


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I’ll see you at SWAT in Waco, Texas Aug. 21-23, 2015.

For those of you in the Southeast, don’t forget about Turning Southern Style XXI September 18-20, 2015. I will be there as a vendor for sure, but I have also been asked to do a rotation on Fancy Christmas Ornaments and Fancy Finials.



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I have no illusions that I have cornered the market on all of the clever ideas for woodturners, or just in general for that matter. I am inviting you to drop me a note with a simple question: "Why doesn't someone invent something that will . . . ? Then tell me what you wish someone would invent.

I make no promises of compensation of any kind. You will simply be asking the question. I do plan to offer a prize of your choice of any 3 DVD's on my web site each quarter for the best question submitted. However, it will be in my sole discretion if any of the ideas are worth a reward. I may elect not to offer any prize at all. If your question leads to an idea which ultimately makes me millions of dollars, you have my undying gratitude, but no compensation, in my sole discretion. Having said that, what is your question?


Ron Brown


If you haven't already seen the Universal Setting Jig and the Quad Setting Jig for use with Lathe Tool Sharpening Systems, Check them out




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Remaining Summer Show Schedule 2015 -

Aug 2015, SWAT Symposium in Waco, TX (Confirmed)

Sept 2015, Turning Southern Style in Dalton, Ga. (Confirmed)

October 2015 Fall Woodworking Show Season Begins. Cities to be determined. Probably 5 shows before Thanksgiving.