Introducing - Quad-Setting-Jig For Wood Lathe Tools



Thank you for your overwhelming support of my new Universal Setting Jig for use in sharpening your spindle and bowl gouges which I introduced earlier in the week. I am thrilled at the response. Details below in case you missed it.


Many of you asked about the other side of the grinder, the platform. You wanted to know if I had something which would enable the same kind of accuracy in sharpening the “4 Other Tools”. So, I came up with a jig to use to correctly set the proper grinding angles for Roughing Gouges, Parting Tools, Skews & Bowl Scrapers. I’ve named it the “Quad Setting Jig”, since one jig sets the correct angels for all 4 of the other HSS woodturning lathe tools. It is also available for immediate shipment.


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Quad Setting Jig

Bowl Scraper

Roughing Gouge

Parting Tool


Using the Quad Setting Jig is simple and easy. Locate the name of the tool you wish to sharpen on the jig. Loosen the platform and move it away from the grinding wheel far enough to adjust. Place the flat part of the jig on the platform table. Adjust the table and the arm until both points are in contact with the wheel. Tighten the table and the arm. Sharpen accurately and repeatably every time.

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Universal Setting Jig For

Lathe Tool Sharpening

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, you could pick up any HSS lathe gouge you own and reproduce that grind exactly every time?  Well now you can and it is easy with the Universal Setting Jig for Lathe Tool Sharpening from Ron Brown’s Best. The universal setting jig does it all.  You can reproduce any grind you currently have and love and want to keep. This Jig will also allow you to take a brand-new tool and use the universal setting jig to begin with the nose angle of your choice; 35°, 40°, 45°, and 50° or anything in between.


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