Sample Project Outline -- Hollow Form With Delicate Finial


1)      Hollow form

a)      Select wood

b)      mount between centers bring to round and cut a tenon

c)       mount in a four jaw Chuck and shape the outside

d)      finish sand the outside

e)      drill a pilot hole the full depth

f)       rough hollow the interior hollow the interior

g)      finish shaping the inside to the proper wall thickness

h)      cleanup the opening

i)        part off

j)        reverse Chuck the hollow form and finish the bottom

k)      apply your finish of choice

2)      delicate finial with lid

a)      decide if the lid will be a separate part from the finial or if it will be one piece

b)      select the wood and assemble if necessary (for the sake of simplicity we will just part off the finial and sand the base)

c)       mount the work piece firmly in a four jaw Chuck, I will use pin jaws to hold my ebony, and bring up the tailstock for extra support with the early turning steps

d)      choose an overall length for the finial which will complement the scale of my hollow form

e)      turn a carrot shape on the ebony using either Ron Brownís best speed gouge, or a spindle roughing gouge

f)       working from the tailstock end back toward the headstock, shape the first element, the very tip of our delicate finial.  Decide now what that will be because you canít come back, it will be much too fragile.

g)      Since these elements are the smallest diameters, complete each one as you work your way step by step back to the headstock being very careful to complete each element as you go.  Leave the material for the next element as large as possible which will help eliminate unnecessary vibration and chatter.

h)      Sand your delicate finial up to the grits finishing with 800 grit

i)        using an open and wrench as a gauge block turned the tenon to the proper diameter and length

j)        undercut the flange at the base of your delicate finial if necessary to properly seat on the hollow form

k)      part off

l)        hand sand the bottom of the delicate finial

m)    finish as desired

n)      assemble to the hollow form and take a bow


Below are a few examples Iíve made using this type of formula.