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Temporarily Out Of Stock

The success of this package has been overwhelming. I am sold out of the 1/2" dowel chucks, but have

more on order. I still have a good supply of the 3/8" dowel chuck (excellent for cork stoppers and finials) and the Speed Gouge

available separately. Please see the links below.

Total Regular Price $84.96

Ron Brown's Best Price Only $59.99 

You save 30%

  Package is Temporarily Out Of Stock


Tenon and Dowel Turning Package Out of Stock
Speed Gouge $19.99
3/8" Collet Dowel Chuck $19.99
1/2" Collet Dowel Chuck Out of Stock
"Tops" DVD $19.95

Speed Gouge Lathe Chisel - Add To Cart - USA Only

3/8" Collet Dowel Chuck - Add To Cart - USA Only

"Tops" DVD - Add To Cart


If you order more than one single item, the shipping will calculate much too high. I will refund everything above my actual shipping costs manually as I will be able to include your items in one shipping container at a significantly reduced rate. Sorry for the inconvenience.

International Customers

Please email me for shipping costs for the items you have selected. I only charge my actual shipping costs to your location.

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New Video including Speed Gouge


Older video focusing on Draw Collet. Relevant info begins at 2 minute mark.




Available in #2 Morse Taper only at this time.

Note for Jet 1642 owners:

Due to the unusual length of the handwheel on this lathe, you will have to purchase a longer piece of 3/8" x 16tpi (standard) allthread. The factory length can be used with all other lathes from mini lathes to Powermatics.

You must have a hollow shaft through the head stock. All Shopsmiths, many Craftsman lathes, and early Grizzly lathes have solid shafts which preclude the use of the Dowel Chucks.