Amazing Doughnut Chuck™

Update and New Video

I have three quick upgrades to announce and I wanted to let you know that I have produced a very short (3:51) video featuring the Notched Rings in use. I have had numerous questions as to how they are used and why they are necessary. The video explains it all.


We have expanded the standard hardware pack to include 4 bolts 8" in length - a $11.99 value now included at no extra cost. These are very special hard to find bolts with 6" of thread. Most only come with 1" of thread.

We have also decided to use the EasyWood Tools™ line of face plates exclusively as standard for every sized Amazing Doughnut Chuck - All at no extra charge to you.

Lastly, all base plates are scored with concentric circles 1/2" on center for easier alignment.


Photos of the Updates



The Amazing Doughnut Chuck

View a short video HERE


Woodturners have been making their own doughnut chucks for generations because they hold wood turned objects very securely, usually for making finishing cuts on the bottom.  They have generally been shop made using plywood and other items found around most woodworking shops.  We have expanded on the traditional design making it more useful and more versatile. We have accomplished this through the use of innovative engineering techniques with CNC precision, modern materials utilizing 40% recycled product and we are proud to say the Amazing Doughnut Chuck™ is 100% built in America.

The Amazing Doughnut Chuck™ performs all the tasks one would normally expect to get from a traditionally designed doughnut Chuck such as finishing the bottoms of bowls, plates, platters and other types of vessels.  However, with one or more of the optional assessory packs available, you can also put the finishing touches on goblet bases, spheres, tall vases, etc. There is no better way to hollow the inside of the bowls for ladles and scoops than with the Amazing Doughnut Chuck™ using the optional notched ring accessory set.

Available in 10", 12" and 16" models. More information HERE.

There is no better method for finishing spheres or hollowing ladles with spherical bowls than The Amazing Doughnut Chuck.

Download the FREE instructions and view the photo gallery at:


Easily hollow these ladles and more with the notched ring assessory pack.

"Free Downloads HERE"

Including Bottle Stopper Designs - 50 Plus classic designs. Free PDF.

We have bundled several of the most popular documents into one downloadable zip file for your convenience. Still no charge.