More Than One Right Way

Sometimes there is more than one right way to do something. The popular idiom is “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” There is only one best way (by definition), but the difference between the best way and the second best way can be very small. That is why some people buy Ford’s and some buy Chevys; others buy a Maserati and some buy a Ferrari. Sometimes Chinese food is the best and sometimes it is Mexican for sure.

I happen to live in a rapidly expanding suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Not so long ago we were the fifth fastest growing county in all of the USA. When I first moved to my current home, there was a little two lane country road out front. Today, it is a very busy 4 lane highway complete with morning and afternoon stop and go rush hour traffic jams. I should really move. . . some place quieter, out in the country with acreage. Maybe later. I routinely take different routes to and from places around where I live just to try and keep up with the changes.

At the lathe I try making familiar cuts with different turning tools, because I might discover something better. I can roll a bead with a skew pretty well, so how about rolling a bead with a bedan, or a 3/8” beading parting tool? How about roughing down with a skew instead of spindle roughing gouge, or perhaps even a bowl gouge? Sometimes one will be better than the other. When you practice with different tools making familiar cuts, your tool box of skills will increase.

On Tuesday, I introduced my version of an old favorite, the Amazing Doughnut Chuck. Already, sales are flowing in, along with questions and suggestions. I was visiting one of my wholesale accounts with a retail store when I was stopped by a customer wanting to purchase the chuck immediately. The only place it is available for now is at www.ronbrownsbest.com.  Good News! My materials suppliers have already made materials deliveries much sooner than expected so I will be able to begin making shipments early next week. 

There are some things that a Longworth Style Chuck does better, and some that the Amazing Doughnut Chuck will do better. If one purchases the Notched Ring Accessory pack for their Amazing Doughnut Chuck they will quickly become the King of Spheres, ladles and scoops, something the Longworth can’t compete with.

I have already made two major changes: 1) Because they run dead flat every time, I will be using Easy Wood Tools Faceplates for the foreseeable future, 2) I am cutting concentric rings in the base plate ˝” on center to aid in centering your work pieces. These changes have already increased the quality significantly.

 I am pleased to tell you that you may order a custom 6” lipped insert with any size opening between 4” and 1” should one of the standard sizes not work in your situation, because wherever you go, there you are.

If you have a suggestion or a question, please drop me a note through the www.ronbrownsbest.com contact page.

Here is my inspiration for this message:

1 Corinthians 12:4 NIV
There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them.
Prov 8:12 (One of My Personal Favorites)
I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.

Photos of the Updates


The Amazing Doughnut Chuck

View a short video HERE


Woodturners have been making their own doughnut chucks for generations because they hold wood turned objects very securely, usually for making finishing cuts on the bottom.  They have generally been shop made using plywood and other items found around most woodworking shops.  We have expanded on the traditional design making it more useful and more versatile. We have accomplished this through the use of innovative engineering techniques with CNC precision, modern materials utilizing 40% recycled product and we are proud to say the Amazing Doughnut Chuck™ is 100% built in America.

The Amazing Doughnut Chuck™ performs all the tasks one would normally expect to get from a traditionally designed doughnut Chuck such as finishing the bottoms of bowls, plates, platters and other types of vessels.  However, with one or more of the optional assessory packs available, you can also put the finishing touches on goblet bases, spheres, tall vases, etc. There is no better way to hollow the inside of the bowls for ladles and scoops than with the Amazing Doughnut Chuck™ using the optional notched ring accessory set.

Available in 10", 12" and 16" models. More information HERE.

There is no better method for finishing spheres or hollowing ladles with spherical bowls than The Amazing Doughnut Chuck.

Download the FREE instructions and view the photo gallery at:


Easily hollow these ladles and more with the notched ring assessory pack.

"Free Downloads HERE"

Including Bottle Stopper Designs - 50 Plus classic designs. Free PDF.

We have bundled several of the most popular documents into one downloadable zip file for your convenience. Still no charge.