Have You Asked?

I sometimes hear folks remark, ďI wish someone would show me how to sharpen my lathe tools, or how to use a skew, or any one of a dozen other things.Ē I always ask them if they have asked anyone to show them. Invariably the answer is no.

You canít imagine how many folks would step forward to help if they just knew the other person needed a little guidance or instruction. That is the single highest priority for every woodworking/turning club and church in the world; to teach, show, and explain. Iíll bet there is something you want to know right now. Find someone to ask.

Over the years I have had the extreme good fortune to be in the presence of some incredibly talented craftsmen and women. Whenever I can, I sign up for and am willing to pay to get some one-on-one time with the truly great in my field. You would instantly recognize their names, Iím sure. Since I want to maximize my very precious time with them, I always prepare a list of questions ahead of time. I know this sounds very nerdy and dryly analytical, but I may never have this chance again. It is important. Although we discuss other things also, I have always managed to get the majority of my questions answered. No one has ever refused to answer the important questions. Imagine how much further ahead I can be if I donít have to make all of the mistakes myself.

In my experience, most of the big names in my field are genuinely nice people and are always eager to pass knowledge along when they know someone is sincerely listening. If you could spend 10 minutes face to face with Abraham Lincoln, Plato, Socrates, Luke or Paul the Apostle or even Jesus Christ in the flesh, could you think of two or three questions you would like to hear them discuss? I could. I seek out folks who are smarter; more accomplished than me, folks who are doing it right. I ask one or two questions and then listen carefully to their answers. I pay attention. Because it saves a lot of time and effort and helps me make better choices for me and my family.

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with someone in my field who is having tremendous success in an area Iím interested in. I asked him if he had a strategy, or if it just happened by accident. Of course he had a strategy and he was more than willing to share it with me for free. We are never too old to learn from others.

Think up a couple of questions about something important to you, find someone who actually knows for sure or has been through the same situation you are facing, and ask them. They will help. I know they will because wherever you go, there you are.

Here is my inspiration for this message:
Luke 11:9 KJV
And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

John 16:23 KJV
And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you.

Prov 4:7 KJV
Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.


The Amazing Doughnut Chuck

Doughnut Chuck

View a short video HERE


Woodturners have been making their own doughnut chucks for generations because they hold wood turned objects very securely, usually for making finishing cuts on the bottom.  They have generally been shop made using plywood and other items found around most woodworking shops.  We have expanded on the traditional design making it more useful and more versatile. We have accomplished this through the use of innovative engineering techniques with CNC precision, modern materials utilizing 40% recycled product and we are proud to say the Amazing Doughnut Chuckô is 100% built in America.

The Amazing Doughnut Chuckô performs all the tasks one would normally expect to get from a traditionally designed doughnut Chuck such as finishing the bottoms of bowls, plates, platters and other types of vessels.  However, with one or more of the optional accessory packs available, you can also put the finishing touches on goblet bases, spheres, tall vases, etc. There is no better way to hollow the inside of the bowls for ladles and scoops than with the Amazing Doughnut Chuckô using the optional notched ring accessory set.

Available in 10", 12" and 16" models. More information HERE.

There is no better method for finishing spheres or hollowing ladles with spherical bowls than The Amazing Doughnut Chuck.

Download the FREE instructions and view the photo gallery at:



Easily hollow these ladles and more with the notched ring accessory pack.

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Including Bottle Stopper Designs - 50 Plus classic designs. Free PDF.

We have bundled several of the most popular documents into one downloadable zip file for your convenience. Still no charge.