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Kits & Pieces for

Segmented Vases and Urns

I am pleased to announce that Don is offering the following Kits available for immediate delivery, subject to stock on hand. You may select from two kits and choose either a spout or a lid.

Please Scroll Down for a complete description of what is in the kit and what to expect when you receive the kit.

Falling boxes with spout $275
Spout or Lid?
Falling boxes with lid $260  
Dot Flowers With spout $275
Spout or Lid?
Dot flowers with lid $260  
3M Stretchy Tape $15.95

Per Roll

Plenty for one kit.

If you have difficulty ordering, call me at (770) 312-9087 Eastern time zone.

Some Examples of what your kit might look like.

Diamonds/Falling Boxes

Representative Samples Only! Yours will vary.









Dot Flowers

Representative Samples Only! Yours will vary.

Typical Feature Ring Assembly

This assembly comes glued up ready to use.


Don will select a spout appropriate for your kit


What your kit will contain:

1 @ Base Block - A solid piece approximately 1-1/2" thick and 6" diameter. It is the foundation of your Vase.

1 @ Staved Base - 16 pieces compound miter cut. May have accent strips. This will come taped together, but NOT glued up.

1 @ Feature Ring Assembly - The feature ring assembly will be fully glued up with the picture rings and plywood laminations already glued together.

1 @ Diffuser Ring - 16 to 24 pieces. May have accent strips. This will come taped together, but NOT glued up.

1 @ Cap Ring - 16 to 24 pieces May have accent strips. This will come taped together, but NOT glued up.

1 @ Lid (standard) - A solid piece for the lid. Will include a piece of wood suitable for turning a small pull handle for the lid.

1 @ Spout (optional) - A multi-segment piece suitable for turning a spout selected to compliment your Vase.

Makes one complete Vase/Urn approximately 9" diameter X 12" high.


Do not purchase a kit unless you have the 3 disk DVD video presentation.

These kits are very complex. You will not assemble your kit in one weekend unless your weekend is 7 to 14 days long!

You will need at least one roll of 3M stretchy tape #8884 to assemble your kit. Don sells it one roll at a time or you can get in on the internet by the case of 12 rolls.

You will need masking tape. 1-1/2" and 3" widths.

You will need Tightbond 1 (regular) glue or equivalent. 

The only part of this kit which is glued up for you is the Feature Ring Assembly. Most everything else will come taped together, but you will have to do the gluing yourself.

Don has been making his trademark style polychromatic Vases and Urns for over 40 years. He has an eye for which particular combinations work together. Don will utilize his vast experience to select components which compliment each other and which will result in an extraordinary Vase when completed. The photos above are merely representative samples. The actual kit you receive will vary from the photos. Since these are hand made kits, we are not able to offer a standard wood selection. If you order more than one kit, each will be different - beautiful, but different.

Shipment may be delayed a few days if Don is away teaching one of his many classes at John C. Campbell Folk school when we receive your order. Don is the only person who can properly select the various components which will harmonize so beautifully into a wondrous work of art when finished.

Don's Guarantee

The parts are cut to fit at the shop. They are guaranteed to fit with no gaps when properly glued and clamped. The primary reason each sub assembly comes taped together is so that you will know before you start that they fit properly together and that the cuts are dead on accurate. Full comprehensive explanations are given in detail on the video series. It is mandatory that you have watched the video presentation in order to understand the assembly procedures.


This is the 2011 May class. The video presentation was filmed while these students glued and assembled their vases. Don selected the various components for each Vase. Rest assured that yours will be just as gorgeous.


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