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My NEW WEBSITE is the best place to view and order items.

I'm leaving this one up because of all of the links posted elsewhere on the internet (and because I have 5,000 business cards with this site listed). Consider this an archive of sorts.

Please don't order anything from this site as it is probably out of date. If you have questions and can't find the same item at Please drop me a note


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Woodworking Since 1969

This site is dedicated to woodworking items you will love, & How-To DVD's so you can make them too!

New Web site!

Friends, I have launched a brand new web site with scores of new turning related items. Please view it here and let me know what you think. it is still in beta, but should be fully functional.

Still struggling with the shipping fees. If they seem goofy, I may need to correct manually.


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Note: During my Show Season, now through March 2014, my time is very limited as I will be traveling most of the time. Please be patient, I will respond to your emails and see that your orders are sent out as soon as possible.

How about something special, handmade with tender loving care for the misses?

My (single mom) Sister cares for her handicapped son and supports the two of them with really cool sleep ware. You should check it out.


View Her Site Here


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Turners Laser Guide

Universal Mount - Real Time Vessel Thickness Gauge


Works with almost any lathe tool! Including hand-held hollowing tools, bowl gouges, carbide scrapers, etc.

More Photos and short video >>


Two New Videos

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