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Fancy Christmas Ornaments

A Two DVD set



"Fancy Christmas Ornaments The Easy Way"

With Ron Brown


"Fancy Vignettes & the Polychromatic Laminating System"

With Ron Brown

A Two DVD Set is $19.95 + S/H

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You are purchasing a 2 DVD set. These videos are intended to teach wood turners with a wood turning lathe how to make fancy Christmas ornaments. They present educational and instructional teaching material. I almost didn't offer these DVD's at all this year, but I travel on a woodworking show circuit as a professional demonstrator. I've had so many requests for the DVD's along with thank you's from customers who bought the DVD's last year and benefited greatly from the information, that they have convinced me to offer them again.

You will notice a reduced price, Originally $24.95 -- Now $19.95. I'm trying to do my part during these difficult economic times. When things improve, I will return to the Original price.



These Two DVDs Will Teach You How To:

  1. Hollow a Globe through a 1-1/4" Hole, then make the hole disappear like magic!
  2. Turn Icicles so incredible that your friends will think you are showing off!
  3. If you decide to do more than a few dozen ornaments, you can grind three special tools you can't buy in stores from tools you probably already have to make your work go more quickly.
  4. Understand the secrets used to make icicles with a "Huge WOW! Factor"
  5. Use Veneer to Picture Frame Vignettes
  6. Make Flowers on The Drill Press and the jigs used to make them
  7. Make Custom Designs Using the "Deep Inlay Technique"

"Liquid Ebony For Wood" Recipe Included.

The author studied extensively under Chris Stott from England. Chris authored "Turned Lidded Boxes - 50 designs" and filmed 9 DVD's on turning. The author has also studied directly with Don Russell famous for segmented vases and with Nick Cook a lifetime member of the AAW. Dale Nish, founder of Craft Supplies USA in Provo Utah purchased one of the authors special Christmas ornaments for his own personal collection.

Special Offer and Bonus

Two DVD Set

All for Only $24.95




Quick Survey Question:

I am considering manufacturing "Ready To Turn Christmas Ornament Kits". The kits would include globes fully assembled, but still square. and material for the icicle and top buttons. Possibly include screw eye and hook. Globes only would run $20 to $30 each average about $25. Full kits $30 to $35.

Question: "What is your opinion about this offering?" Should I seriously consider it. Too cheap, too expensive. Waste of time. What took you so long?

Pro or Con I need to hear from you either way.

Email me HERE

Hypothetical Kit offering. Dot Flower with Zebra Wood for Icicle and Top Button.

This Kit would yield a Christmas Ornament about 2-1/4" X 9" high.


Money Back Guarantee 

I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. When you get your How-To DVD's, if you feel that I have not truthfully represented the information presented on each DVD, I will happily refund your money. Just return all materials intact and ask for your refund. If your DVD will not play (that happens sometimes despite great quality control) I will send you a replacement immediately. I don't need the old one back in that case.

I am not some giant corporation trying to sell you something I know nothing about. I am a craftsman just like you trying to share really rewarding discoveries. I cannot guarantee your individual success nor can I guarantee that you will be able to turn items I have described and shown you how to make. Everyone has different skills and abilities. Some of you learn faster, some slower. I also cannot guarantee your success for the same reasons. What I am guaranteeing is that the material represented above accurately describes my personal experiences, including the many students I have personally taught to do the same thing. If you did nothing other than make these items for yourself and for your family and friends, it would be a great investment; cheap at twice the price!

I wish you God's many blessings and great success with your new venture and look forward to hearing of your experiences. Whatever your choice, I wish you good success and God's speed. Whenever you can, share this info with a kid. You were one once yourself.
2 Timothy 2:24

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