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"Making Cool Hammers with Ron Brown"

Photo Album below - Scroll Down to see actual hammers.

Click HERE for a preview.

Order Your Own Cool Hammer

If you would rather have me make a hammer for you,

click HERE.

"Making Cool Hammers"

With Ron Brown

A Scroll Saw Project


Only $19.95 + $2.95 S&H

Meet me live and in person on the Woodworking Show Tour! I will have some of the cool hammers you see here on display in over 20 cities this year. You can visit me in the Woodline USA Booth.

For a schedule of appearances, see www.Thewoodworkingshows.com for dates and locations.

Cool Hammers with the names cut clear through the handle make wonderful keepsakes all year long and:


If you have a scroll saw, I will show you:

How to eliminate using cumbersome jigs to hold your hammer steady while cutting and drilling

How to drill a 1/16" hole through 1" thick hickory the easy way

(I haven't broken a 1/16" drill bit in over a YEAR!)

The right blades to use to make cutting 5 times easier!

How to completely remove the factory finish and all warning labels in less than 3 minutes!

How to create a perfect "Name Template" to use as a cutting guide

Three secrets for perfect letters

My secret method for dealing with extra long handles

One easy step for finishing your masterpiece


A partial list of folks you might know who have one or more of My Cool Hammers:

Norm Abraham - The New Yankee Workshop

Roy Underhill - The Woodwright's Shop

George W. Bush - 43rd President of the United States

Sonny Perdue - Governor of Georgia

Rush Limbaugh

Glenn Beck

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Colonel Oliver North

Tommy Rancudo - Brother-in-law

Legal Disclaimer:

Many of the hammers pictured above were made as gifts by me and presented as such. No endorsements are
stated or implied from any of the celebrities listed or their affiliates or sponsors.
(But they all kept their hammers and most repaid me with an autographed photo! I think they liked their hammers.)

You may preview excerpts from this DVD on YouTube.com. To view the clip, click HERE.


There are simple steps to making a beautiful keepsake hammer as a gift for someone special. I have personally made many hundreds over the past 11 years. Everyone adores these hammers when they receive one with their own name or company name cut clean through the wooden handle. I haven't held anything back in this presentation. I reveal all of my tips, tricks and secrets learned over 11 years and many hammers. I finally figured out how to deal with all of the huge challenges involved in making these very deep cuts clear through an extremely tough hardwood. If you have a scroll saw and would like to save yourself some major trial and error, I show you how I finally learned to do it.

You are purchasing a single DVD. It is an educational DVD which will teach you how to cut letters through a solid wooden hammer handle with a scroll saw. If you don't have a scroll saw, have access to a scroll saw, or are not planning on purchasing a scroll saw, don't buy this DVD unless you are giving it as a gift to someone who has a scroll saw.

Money Back Guarantee

I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. When you get your How-To DVD's, if you feel that I have not truthfully represented the information presented on each DVD, I will happily refund your money. Just return all materials intact and ask for your refund. If your DVD will not play (that happens sometimes despite great quality control) I will send you a replacement immediately. I don't need the old one back in that case.


I am not some giant corporation trying to sell you something I know nothing about. I am a craftsman just like you trying to share really rewarding discoveries. I cannot guarantee your individual success nor can I guarantee that you will be able to turn items I have described and shown you how to make. Everyone has different skills and abilities. Some of you learn faster, some slower. I also cannot guarantee your success for the same reasons. What I am guaranteeing is that the material represented above accurately describes my personal experiences, including the many students I have personally taught to do the same thing. If you did nothing other than make these items for yourself and for your family and friends, it would be a great investment; cheap at twice the price!

Whatever your choice, I wish you good success and God's speed. Whenever you can, share this info with a kid. You were one once yourself.

2 Timothy 2:24


If you order more than one title, I will combine the shipping and handling so that you only pay one time. USA and Canadian customers will receive S/H for $2.95 USPS First Class Mail.  All other countries receive S/H for $4.95 USD for USPS First Class Mail.

For customers ordering one title, many thanks. I appreciate your business. If you pay immediately, I will ship immediately.

Only $19.95 + $2.95 S&H

Attention Military with APO Addresses

I am willing and able to ship to APO addresses. If you are military or want your order sent directly to a soldier with an APO address, please select "Priority Shipping" for $4.95 and I will hand deliver the package to the Post Office for you. Thanks to all of your for your service. I realize most GI's don't have wood lathes on the battle field, but this information is entertaining and will give soldiers information they can use when they do return home.



If you have any questions, just email me. Ordering details below.

Photo Album

Click on any thumbnail to enlarge

Chad Taylor from The Man Made Movie

No Endorsment is implied.

No Endorsement is implied.

The letters are cut completely through the handle and can be seen from both sides.

Kimmers Hammer

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Now, go do the right thing!

Sample Hammer

Georgia Governor Purdue

Jewish Carpenter

Company Hammer

So, how many items do you have in the White House?

Shawn Tonner

Solid Gold Medallion Inlay


If you would rather have me make a Cool Hammer for you,

here's how to order:

These days I do hammers by special order. Simple hammers are $70 plus S&H. Includes up to 18 letters. Each letter over 18 (28 max) is $3. Ask me if you have over 18 letters.
Name to Engrave up to 18

Ax Handled more fancy hammers are $100 plus S&H. Each letter over 18 (40 Max) is $3. Ask me if you have over 18 letters.

Name to Engrave up to 18

I still do a fair number each year, many at Christmas time. Others are for birthdays, retirements, thank you presentations from builders to customers, or just to acknowledge a special handy-man or professional trades person.  I have done several for Project Managers, Architects, Community Planners, Real Estate Professionals, Sports Facility Staff as well as sports figures themselves -- especially base ball players. I can actually cut names in the narrow part of a bat.

I once prepared a very special hammer for a project manager working on a highly recognized women's university who supervised a library remodeling which took several years. I actually inlaid a gold medallion into the handle at the request of the university.

I routinely laser engrave company logos onto the handle after I cut the names all the way through the handle.

If you are considering one of these special gifts and still have questions, just drop me a note and tell me what you have in mind.

Ron Brown, The Coolhammerman


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