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Stratabond - Colored Plywood

DIY Slice&Dice Chunks

The colored plywood presented here is also known by the brand name StrataBond. I am offering shorts, cut-offs and end cuts left over from a manufacturing operation. Therefore I have random sizes and colors. Click here for a short story about sales at a recent woodworking show in Atlanta.

Click here for more information about StrataBond material specifications. This is not Diamondwood.

Below are some of the many items I made in my shop learning how this material turns, sands and finishes. I personally made each item in the course of about a week in order to give you an idea of what to expect when you turn and finish a project.


DIY Slice&Dice Chunks

I received my first pallet of off cuts from the manufacturer just before the last show of the season. I only had a couple of hours to work it up into pen blanks, bottle stopper blanks and pepper mill blanks before the Atlanta Woodworking Show. I decided to just bring the bulk of it "As-Is" and offer it up for my fellow woodworkers as "DIY Slice & Dice Chunks" at significant savings since I didn't have to do anything but price it and put it out. To my amazement, the prepared blanks sold slowly while the DIY Slice&Dice sold like hot cakes! I sold so much that I purchased a second pallet.

Repurposed Material

These pieces are left over from a manufacturing operation. I don't have any control over the size and shape of what I buy since I purchase it in bulk "as-is" in order to get the very best possible price and pass the savings on to you. Colors are very random, but all are beautiful. I will mix and match as best I can for you and will do my best to fill each box with at least the advertised weight. The various grab boxes will be as close to the stated weight as possible and probably a little over. Each batch will be different. No two pieces will be the same. When I worked up various pieces in my shop, I was able to get a very high useable yield as long as I was flexible on what I was willing to make. I made tool handles, spinning tops, bottle stoppers, salt and pepper shakers, candle snuffers, acorn boxes, a couple of pepper mills, and many pen blanks, both jumbo's and standard sizes. I feel safe in saying the yield was over 90% with only 10% waste. Your yield may be different.

Cutting Methods

You will be turning colored birch plywood laminated with a proprietary glue-up process for durability. I use sharp tools and don't cut as aggressively as I do with solid wood when rolling beads and scooping out coves. I get very little chip-out this way. Aggressive cuts will lead to significant chipping on beads. The cuts can be very smooth when you slow down a little. The material sands well and holds detail well. I have turned it with every grain orientation imaginable, with very good success. When the grain is lined up like an ordinary spindle I use spindle gouges and skews. When turning cross grain like a bowl, I use bowl gouges and methods. When hollowing as in boxes and candle snuffers  cross grain, I prefer carbide scrapers such as "Easy Wood Tools".

This material turns readily and easily with "Easy Wood Tools" type carbide turning tools.


Gluing Up Pieces

I have glued pieces together with great success! I've made 3" thick pepper mill blanks, taken scraps from re-sawn pieces used to make stopper blanks and glued them together using regular yellow glue and you can't see the glue lines at all. It just looks like one of the laminations.


Bias is Better

For most things, cutting on a bias is better, especially pen blanks. Straight cut pen blanks are kind of plain in my opinion. This means you will have some goofy smaller pieces in the shape of a wedge - perfect for spinning tops and stoppers!



I get random shapes, and lengths. Almost all pieces are approximately 2" thick - No 3/4" stuff, although there is a little variation in thickness. Most will be suitable for pen blanks, stopper blanks, lidded box blanks, spinning tops, salt and pepper shaker blanks, etc. A few may be long enough for tool handles, or pepper mills (that will be the exception so don't count on long pieces). The first few photos in the photo gallery are very typical of the DIY Chunks.



I had the best results with a simple spray can off the lathe. I am very happy using spray finish in matte luster. All of the items you see here were finished with 3-7 coats from a spray can purchased at Home Depot. The brand I used is Rustoleum Painter's Touch Clear Matte. I finish in matte (rather than gloss). I tried the gloss finish with very poor results.

This material finishes like any plywood. It takes several coats to properly seal the end grain which absorbs the finish differently than the side grain. 

I also was not happy with the application of friction finish. I found it difficult to seal the endgrain so it didn't look blotchy.

 I made three tool handles - WOW! are they gorgeous!!!. I used oil on one and what a disaster. I cleaned it off with lacquer thinner and applied a sealer coat of shellac before applying the clear matte finish. Now I love it! For Tool Handles I recommend a true lacquer such as MinWax Lacquer in the semi-gloss. It is a true lacquer and is much harder and more durable than the Rustoleum.


All Sales Are Final!

I guarantee the product to be as represented here. When you place your order, I will do my best to give you great value as I always do with all of my products. You will receive approximately the stated weight probably made up of several pieces. The weight will never be exact because these are scraps and therefore not uniform or predictable. I will make my best effort to include a selection of pieces I would like to turn myself. Exactly which colors you get are the house's choice.  By placing your order, you are agreeing to accept what ever pieces I choose to send you. There are no refunds or exchanges available on this item.

Photos Grab Bags  
, or...

About 5 lbs Assorted Random Sizes, Shapes and Colors $39.99

Free Shipping

About 10 lbs Assorted Random Sizes, Shapes and Colors $59.99

Free Shipping

About 15 lbs Assorted Random Sizes, Shapes and Colors $89.99

Free Shipping

No Photo

Think of two @ 10 lbs or a 15 lb and a 5 lb.

About 20 lbs Assorted Random Sizes, Shapes and Colors $124.99

Free Shipping

  For orders over 50 lbs in the USA, email me.  
  Tool Handle Blanks

I have a very limited number of beautiful Tool Handle Blanks available for $20 each plus shipping. Size is Approximately 2x2x20 inches. Assorted colors. You may Email me for availability and colors to be sure. Limit 10 per order please. Include your zip code and quantity for accurate shipping charges.

If you like this style and want to purchase finished handles, they are $35 each plus shipping. You may specify the length up to 20" and ask for a certain color. Subject to availability of stock on hand. Email me with your request.

If you have a favorite sports team, I may have something with in that color, Red and black, (Falcons, Bull Dogs) Green (Packers) Yellow and Black (Georgia Tech) Orange (Tennessee) Purple (Missouri, Ravens), etc.

  A quick note on the value. I did a comparison of prices for specific pieces from all of the usual suspects, Roclker, Woodcraft, Craft Supplies, Packard, Penn State, etc. as though I were going to be an end user of StrataBond blanks. By purchasing "DIY Slice&Dice Pieces" and cutting it the way I wanted to use it, I figured the saving when I did it as an end user were between 55% and 75% even with the cost of shipping very dense heavy material.

On this offer, at least for now, the shipping is free except on tool handle blanks.


This is a new product for me. I'd love to get your feedback Ron

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